Research of Family Tree

Examples of work on family trees

Case: Frank wanted to have his family tree researched and the special aspect in his family was that his great grand mother was Antonina, a Polish field worker who came to Denmark and married a Danish man when she got pregnant. Besides researching the Danish ancestors the project also needed research to be carried out in Poland. Through local connections it was possible to identify her family in Poland and pinpoint them to the small town of Babice outside of Cracow – and it was possible to trace this family back to the 18th century.

Frank recommends: "I am very impressed of what you have found. Your research and results are incredible. It was fantastic that you was able to find so much about my ancestors, not just the Danish part but also in Poland. This has given me so much new information about my family and I am very thankful for this."

Case: Kim’s father had come from Denmark to the States where he had settled. From her family, Kim had some information about her parents and grandparents, but Kim now wondered about her ancestors in Denmark. Where and how had they lived? What could be found about their histories? The research provided information about Kim’s ancestors in Denmark and Sweden back to around 1750, the places they had lived, how they had made their living and their families.

Kim recommends Per Andersen: "I cannot thank you enough for all this information you have found for me. This is wonderful information and it is fantastic that you have been able to help me understand my roots in Denmark and Sweden."

Case: For a long time, Bodil had tried to find her ancestors for her great grandparents who had lived in Copenhagen. Her great grandfather came from the Vordingborg area while her great grandmother was a daughter of a Copenhagen tailor and her Swedish wife. The life of the great grandparents were discovered and their ancestors found both in Denmark and Sweden.

Bodil recommends: "I am sending you a big thank you for what you have discovered. It is amazing that you could find so much information. I would never have found this myself".

Case: Pia knew that one of her ancestors, Peter Lander, had married in 1797 in Copenhagen. But who was this Peter Lander and what was his background? A number of sources at the National Archives and the Town Archives of Copenhagen were researched and through this information it was demonstrated likely that Peder Lander was identical to the Johan Peter Valentin Landes, baptized on March 16, 1773, in Frederik’s German congregation, being the son of Frederik Landes at the Holstein Regiment.

Pia recommends Per Andersen: "A thousand thanks for your help that I really appreciate. Your thorough research has helped in pursuing the history of my ancestors”.

Case: Family researcher Rune lives in Norway and he has worked on finding the descendants to his ancestor, Peter Hammer. The challenge was that two of Peter Hammer's grandchildren (girls) around 1800 moved to Copenhagen to be married there. I researched all descendants of these two girls up to present times which produced about 200 descendants in Denmark, the US and Australia.

Rune recommends Per Andersen: “Many thanks for your great work on the Hammer family in Norway and in Denmark. I give you my very best recommendations regarding family research in Denmark”.

Case: Signe knew that her great grandfather worked as cemetery worker in Kolding but she did not know much about his family background. The assignment therefore was to explore his ancestors. The family tree of the great grandfather was researched back to the beginning of the 18th century. Among the ancestors were both teachers and farm owners which made it possible to describe their lives in more detail. The family tree was supplemented with an illustrated story about the history of the family.